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Detail - Tri-Fold Flat

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tri-fold flat showing folds tri-fold flat, front view
Flats are your walls to confine the action or the infinity to open your stage into the universe. If you paint jail bars or cabin walls or the inside of a cave; your actors have a closed acting space. But they can also include a window to anywhere or they can be the sky or the forest or... you get the picture. Also useful to mask an offstage area or provide on stage changing area or for character hiding places.

Our Trifold Flats use dual acting hinges, so they can open in either direction and stand freely without clamping. They are canvas on both sides, so both sides are front sides. There are endless shapes to design and quickly change for the next scene.



Painted set pieces are treated with Rosco P-50 Flame Retardant

Can be ordered unpainted, or painted UIL Medium Gray


Materials Used

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    1"X3" boards: we use only #1 clear white pine; no knots, no twists, no variation in dimensions with very good ability to stay straight and square.

    Palco always uses 12 oz 100% cotton duck canvas for flats, pylons and canvas covered set pieces.


    Texas Customers

    Meets current UIL Standards for UIL One Act Play Unit Sets


    Width of side panels Width of center panel Height Weight Weight crated for shipping
    18" 36" 8' 36 lb call for info

    Unpainted 225.00
    Painted 260.00